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    Ron Bakker

    Default Still cannot import my address book

    Sorry to ask a question twice but I still cannot import my address book back into outlook express after exporting it to a rewrite cd.I also tried copy , paste & draging the file .
    It just comes up with "the import could not be completed"
    Reason for doing this is I reformated my pc.
    I wonder if I can use some other program just to retrieve my text(address).
    The file is still a wab file & about 250kbytes.

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    Susan B

    Default Re: Still cannot import my address book

    Just thought of something: all my files that get copied back to my hard drive from CDs are read only.

    Try dragging the .wab file to Windows Explorer, go into Properties of that file and remove the read only tick.

    Now try importing it back (or dragging it back).

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