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    Default Excel VBA - Runtime Err 380

    Hi I keep getting a runtime error 380 in my Excel VBA code. Clicking on the error help button shows a totally blank help page. I have looked through the Help but cant find a list of error codes and what they mean so I am a bit stuck.

    The error I believe has something to do with how I am opening and closing forms and/or initializing combo box lists.

    I have a main menu form that appears on Auto_Open and then other forms are shown dependant upon the option selected in the main menu form. Each form has combo boxes and I am using the following example statement to initialize each combo box values in the Userform_Activate event where TranType is just a named range ...

    With cboTranType
    .RowSource = "TranType"
    .ListIndex = 2
    End With

    To open and close forms I am using the Unload stmt to close the current form then Load and Show to display the new form. Example -

    Unload frmCardDetails
    Load frmMenu

    --Error Condition--
    The runtime 380 error occurs when I have opened a form from the Main Menu (which closes main Menu and opens selected form), closed that form to take me back to the Main Menu, then re-selected the same form again. The error has the RowSource line highlighted as the error.

    I would be grateful if anyone knows where i can get a list of runtime errors and also any ideas on why this is happening. I thought it might be to do with opening and closing forms as it doesnt happen when initially opening a form - only when I try it a second time.


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    Default Re: Excel VBA - Runtime Err 380

    I think it's got something to do with unloading the form; I recall having similar probs but fixed it just by using frmWhatever.Hide rather than unloading it. Not very neat, I know but it did work

    Go here for a list of error codes.

    Error 380 is listed as Invalid property value (version 97)

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    Default Re: Excel VBA - Runtime Err 380

    cheers thanks for that. I will try just hiding the forms instead of unloading and see what happens.

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