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    Athlon 1GH
    AZ11EA board
    WD 20.5GB 7200 HD
    Geforce 2 pro 64 Graphics
    Sonic Fury sound card

    I'm rather ignorant on PC's !, the lock up's seem to be at random and follow no patern that i've been able to detect, the error log has hundreds of entries the last one being today and says --
    Faulting application winword exe version,
    faulting module kernel23.dll verson 5.12600.0, fault address 0x0000d765

    all double talk to me, however many thanks to all who replied
    As a mater of interest a friend who just purchased a Compaque notebook also has trhe same probs.
    A fellow could easilly learn to HATE Mr Gates

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    J ZEP

    Default Re: FURTHER TO xp LOCKING UP

    Hi Callum - in the other post
    the more knowledgeable people from the forum seemed to think to check your hardware e.g Video drivers - did you try this? perhaps get the latest drivers? I am not very experienced in the hardware area, but if you need some more help get back to us and i am sure somebody will be able to assist!

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    Callum, here are a couple of Microsoft pages which may be related to your problem:

    This one is largely related to kernel32 errors in Win98, but the suggestions contained are worthwhile following.

    This page relates to errors Word can produce. Note that this is page one of three, I'd suggest reviewing them all.

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    Well, most of the BSDs from WinXP seems to be related to my nVidia drivers (file nv4...). Several times I've had a "continous loop" crashing the system! So I'd tend to blame the display driver these days whenever I get the BSD.

    That's my 2 cents worth.

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    Antmannz HI
    thanks i'll go and have a look, i've also got the newest driver for the vidio card, be intersting to see if it makes a diference over time

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    Default Re: FURTHER TO xp LOCKING UP

    Hi again
    saved these pages for further reading
    i get the impression that if i can understand all that i'll be applying for an IT job
    thandk again

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