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    I have a 40GB hard drive (with 3 partitions) and each partition is using NTFS file sharing. We have Windows XP Pro at this minute. I want to up Windows 98 on (so I can play all my old games) and I know I need to have FAT32 for that AND that I need to install 98' first and then put XP onto the second partition. I need to know how to completely get ride of XP off the C:\ drive and how to change the file searing system and then I should be sorted.

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    Terry Porritt

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    Have to admit know nothing about XP or NTFS, but when I have had dual boot systems I've used Partition Magic, firstly to create freespace, and then make another partition that can be made active with a Boot Manager. Then on boot up select which OS you want to run.

    Alternatively get a hard drive caddie, another hard drive and put Win98 on that, and then just plug in the drive with the OS you want to run. Much safer and more versatile in some respects.

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    Umm... that is no help what so ever, sorry.

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    Terry Porritt

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    Sorry, must have mis-read your post.

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    Graham Petrie

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    Read the FAQ

    Then you will need to back everything up. You will need to reformat your partitions as FAT32. This will erase all the info on them.

    What I suggest is: (Assuming WIndows on C:\ and the other partitions being d:\ and E:\)

    1. Copy contents of E:\ to C: or D:.
    2. Format E:
    3. Copy contents of E: back to E:
    4. Copy contents of D: to E:
    5. Format D:
    6. Copy D: back to D:
    7. Backup important info on C: to D: or E: (eg favourites email stuff settings etc. (USe XP's "Save My Settings Wizard".)
    8. Copy contents of Win 98 cd to D: or E:
    9. Create a boot floppy to boot to a command line.
    10. Boot to the floppy and format C:
    11. Run the install file from the CD which you have placed on D: or E:.
    12. Install 98 to C:.
    13. Boot to 98 and use the FAQ to decide on how you are going to multiboot with XP.

    Any elaboration needed, just ask.

    G P

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