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    Default DHCP on winnt 4 server

    Need help urgent plz.

    This morning the servers were running fine (PDC) and (BDC). all of the sudden worstations got disconnected from the server and couldn't not find the domain after restarted.

    The really weird thing is noone had touched the servers and none of the settings have been changed. The server is running DHCP. At 9am 5 users were able to log on to the domain. 20 mins later they were all disconnected from the server apart from this 1 pc which wasn't effected.
    I found a workaround for this so that everyone could log on to the domain, and that was to assign static ip addresses to workstations. The server is still running DHCP but for some reason workstations don't get them from the server automatically. And to make it even more weird, there's only 1 pc that is getting the ip from DHCP server. Any ideas or diagonostics?

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    Default Re: DHCP on winnt 4 server

    When this happens it's often because some wally has plugged another (mis-configured) DHCP server into the LAN.

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    Default Re: DHCP on winnt 4 server

    Agree with Biff
    If you run winipcfg or ipconfig /all - you can see what DHCP server is giving out the IPs
    The run winipcfg - choose release/renew
    or ipconfig /release and ipconfig /renew
    This will see if the IP provided comes from a different server
    Common ones are Nokia M1122 routers or Wingate

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    Default Re: DHCP on winnt 4 server

    what do the event logs tell you? did all the leases expire today?, or has the DHCP server not been working for days, anybody playing with Active Directory on your network?

    could be lots of reasons why, check the event logs on the server they can be a valuable source of information for trouble shooting. And should be checked daily in a small network.

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    Default Re: DHCP on winnt 4 server

    No one pluged in another pc with dhcp in. i'm aware of that. The thing is that the staff only loged on to the domain just to check their emails and back up their files in the morning and 20 mins later, they got kicked out of the domain. Like I said there's only 1 pc on the network that's never got kicked out.

    I've checked the event log and nothing unusual was in there. No lease expire, etc. DHCP has always been working until today. And no this is NT4 server so there's no active directory. The weird thing is that I have to assign static ips to workstations to get them on the domain. I've never seen this before, even the IT guy whos looking after this company couldn't even come up with my workaround solution. So yeah i'm kinda out of ideas. plz keep feeding in the ideas. I'm in sydney at the moment, got a temp job here. So far i've done a good job setting up their sql server and accouting packages as well as hardware upgrades. This dhcp is making me look stupid.. hahhahahhaha.
    thanks guys

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