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    Default Copy CD-ROM to hard drive and run directly

    I've finally figured out what to do with all that hard disk space. I copied the entire Encarta 96 World Atlas to my hard disk and installed it from that location. It runs like a dream, no more searching for the disk. I would like to manage the same trick with the two disk Encarta 98 Encylopaedia (no more swapping disks). I can't get it to run. Could anyone help me, or direct me to a site which might address these issues.

    Simon Dempsey

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    Kevin Scally

    Default Re: Copy CD-ROM to hard drive and run directly

    How do you do this.

    I want to do the same thing. I have been searching for a utility that will let me put my language CDs and Encarta on my laptop.

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    Heather P

    Default Re: Copy CD-ROM to hard drive and run directly


    the original post is from 1999 so the author is unlikely to see it. It's usually better to repost your question than answer old posts.


    When I reset up my computer I copied the Win98 disk to the hard drive and installed it from there rather than the CD. Now when it needs a driver it looks for it on the hard drive rather than ask for a disk.

    (If doing this with Operating Systems it pays to install on a separate partition - mine is on D: . For a program such as Encarta it's your choice where you put it.)

    This is, of course, assuming that the makers haven't found some method of security which won't allow you to copy it.

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    Default Re: Copy CD-ROM to hard drive and run directly

    You need a program that creates a virtual drive on your hard disk, to trick the computer into thinking that the cd is in.
    There is a program I use called Virtualdrive.
    Try a search for it.

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    Steve Askew

    Default Re: Copy CD-ROM to hard drive and run directly

    Try Virtual cd, A 30 free trial is available HERE

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    Default Re: Copy CD-ROM to hard drive and run directly

    Have been down this path recently myself, with the kids games (Reader Rabbit series etc...)

    I found creating a vertual CD drive is requred. I tried a few free trial versions ie Clone CD, Virtual CD and Alcohol 120%. Settled on Virtual Cd, for a couple of reasons. First, I only wanted a drive emulator and have no need or desire for the extra functionality (and $$) to burn 'working' copies of game discs (backups, hmmm maybe) and a key feature (to me) of Virtual CD was the ability to have discs 'auto-load' to the virtual drive. Also being able to define a number of vertual drives seems pretty standard, with the applications trailed anyway.

    The point being I now have half a dozen vertual drives, auto-loading various disc images from the HDD ready for use when the rug rats hook into it. It is worth noteing I ran the games 'setup.exe' from the disc image in the respective vertual drive to ensure the appropraite paths were defined. There was only one I had to troll through the ini files to ammend the cd path to the vertual drive letter.

    Another little tweek I have included was to create a game startup icon which is in fact a small batch file which calls an application called MultiRes (found in PC World November 2000?) to reset the screen resolution and color depth required by each game. The process then waits for the game to end and restores the original resolution and color depth.

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