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    Default Access Work Domain mail from Home

    Is there a way (apart from Web mail) to pick up mail addressed to me at my work domain on my home PC?
    Am one of 10 users sharing the one domain name - mail is directed via Vpop mail server.
    Want to be able to receive just my mail at home - not the other users.
    Any help appreciated.

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    Default Re: Access Work Domain mail from Home

    The answer is yes if your email server has POP3.

    But the real question is shouldn't you be ask your IT Manager first?

    There are lots of implications with allowing home computers linking to office LAN/WAN

    1. Virus/Trojans
    2. Unauthorise access
    3. Liability insurance

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    Default Re: Access Work Domain mail from Home

    Cheers Stan - but didn't want to connect in to my work Domain. Wanted to be able to download from xtra just my mails. Can set it up at the moment at home but I end up with everyones. Wanted to be able to filter the rest out.

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    Default Re: Access Work Domain mail from Home

    with most email programs you can select "leave mail on the server"

    you still get everyones mail but thay get it at work too.

    then set you filters to send anything with your name to the inbox and everything else to the rubbish bin.


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