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Thread: HTML Editors

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    Rod J

    Default Re: HTML Editors

    > MS Word is even worse for this! I made a
    > nice easy page once in Word, saved it as a webpage
    > and had a 44k page. Cleaned it up (using MSE) and
    > got it down to a massive 5k , so I really
    > recommend against using Microsoft Word to make
    > web pages.

    I totally agree Mike. I used Word 2000 to create an old homepage and I could not believe how much junk HTML code it created. I have used an old version of Arachnophilia to create web pages with and I liked it. It was simple to use and free. But I see the latest version is written in Java so you have to download a Java runtime environment (9Mb download, about 40Mb installed), so I'm giving it a miss because of that. Apparently the author of Arachnophilia is anti-Microsoft and I think he has some valid points. But the best application I have used (albeit infrequently) is Allaire HomeSite 4.5. It's just a brilliant application, with way more power than I'll ever need.

    Rod J

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    Default Re: HTML Editors

    Hey! Did you know that 1st Page 3 is meant to be out soon?
    they say this
    3 August, 2001. - 1st Page 3 is nearly complete!
    Which is a year ago, and they still havnt said anything about it.
    Anyway thought id tell you what I am waiting for.

    What graphics programs do you guys use?

    I cant afford any of my own, i just use Image Ready 1.0 and ImageStyler 1.0 which are so old they cant do much. I cant even find updates for them, since Adobe doesnt support them anymore.

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    Heather P

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    5 years experience. Started with Notepad for 4 years. Have used Dreamweaver and Cold Fusion Studio in passing. For the last few months have been using Macromedia Homesite and loving it. Notepad on Steroids!

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    Graham Petrie

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    I use Adobe Photoshop 7.0. It was a prize in a competition at a local PC shop. Before I got that all I could afford was Jasc Paint Sjop Pro 7.0 which would be the best freeware graphics editing program out there. It supports all file formats even AutoCAD .dxf Drawing Interchange Format.

    It is shareware on a 30 day trial that is in groundhog day - it is always day one of the trial!

    Otherwise, if your paying, definitely Photoshop.

    (Although, I've used Corel Draw at varsity, and that is an awesome program I assure you!)

    G P

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    Susan B

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    Paintshop Pro is not freeware.

    Yes, you can try it out for 30 days but it will no longer work after that 30 days is up unless you reformat your hard drive. I don't know how you managed to have it remain on "day one of the trial".

    I can't justify the expense of Photoshop but PSP is worth every cent I paid for it. There are a lot of excellent tutorials on the web for using it, as there probably are for PS.

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    Graham Petrie

    Default Re: HTML Editors

    I got it off the PC World CD and installed it on my Windows XP Pro. That was in August last year on August 2001 free CD. I have had it iinstalled now for three or more months and it is still on day one.

    A lecturer at uni has it on his 2000machine (also from pcworld cd) and he has had it on there since aaugust 2001. It is still on day one.

    G P

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    Graham L

    Default Re: HTML Editors

    The GIMP graphics package is free. It is said to be as good as Photo Shop. It started on Linux, but there is now a Windows version. Try ... that is a guess at the url, but it will probably work.

    The point about HTML verifiers is that they check against the correct, standard, syntax. If you have used a MS HTML editor, it will (deliberately or maliciously ) use MS "extensions" to the standard, which will work with MS browsers. The verifier should tag such things, because they might not work on other browsers, which are written to work with the standard. It's like a certain advertisement. That would not pass a Java verifier. It works with MS "improved" Java interpreters, but crashes the Sun standard Java.

    The "special" characters are included in the HTMl standard. The idea of using the "&", name, ";" or "&", "#", numeric code, ";" formats instead of the special character as generated in your editor is that other people might select different character sets. If you use the defined identifuers, everyone will get the character you intend. If you use what your editor produces, the readers might get the character you intend.

    It always pays to use the standards. Things which "work, anyway" often stop working without warning.

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    Greg S

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    My PSP must be an oddity - I've not used it much since I bought Photoshop 6 nearly a year ago, but my PSP 6 trial still runs - it gives me a warning at startup that it's xxx days over etc then it launches happily!

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    Default Re: HTML Editors

    Hey! I downloaded the free GIMP thing, So far its OK, but I havnt really done anything, and a bit confusing for me. Anyway Try it if you want, just make sure you get the Win32 version.

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    Graham L

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    Jonathon: Don't assume that GIMP will do everything the same way as any other programmes you have used. It WILL be different. The approach is different. You'll probably find after a while that it is easier, because it has functions which are needed, not "features" which have been added for marketing purposes. As an indication, how big was the download file? Compare that with any of the others.

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