A recent comment by Rod J in the "your own website" thread has prompted me to start this thread (in order to prevent hijacking the original) to discuss the role of the HTML editor in writing HTML.

I have used notepad and found it to be acceptable - although a lot of help off websites was required to learn HTML.

Rod J recommended I try a HTML editor called Aracnophilia.

My partner has used Selida, and I know people that have used 1st page.

My question is, do you veteran HTML'ers recommend using a HTML editor?

If yes, why (over notepad etc) and which one? Why that one?

Do you use an HTML validator?

Which and why?

Also a couple of other saml queries.

Which character set do you use? (eg UTF-8 etc)
Which version of HTML? (eg 4.01) Why?
When a validator tells you that an apostrophe or inverted commas are invalid characters, do you bother changing them to their HTML ascii values? (eg &#34 and &#39)

Thanks alot for your time.

Oh, and a breif line about the length of your experience (eg years) would be helpful.