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    Elwin Way

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    I have a Laptop - PI 266 / 32Mb / 3Gb

    It's dying It's a cripple already - battery is stuffed (now a desktop), some keys fallen off the keyboard, screen only emits a dim orange glow, and takes 2-3 goes before it boots up each morning. Too expensive to fix.

    Anyway, I was wondering if anybody had a PC that they could lend or sell very cheap, as Im broke (read real broke) and can't afford much over $5 a week.

    I have a mouse and monitor, and probably can get a keyboard cheap, just need the PC. Would prefer at least similar specs to my laptop, as I run software that is design for much faster PC's! (Ever tried editing an 640 x 480 graphic in Photoshop 6 on a PI?)

    Thanks heaps

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    How much for the HDD??? If u wanna sell???

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    Well, I have a Laptop that'll run that stuff fine, I used it for software programming, But it's still in mint cond. and I was gonna sell for about $550 in the T&E, but the price is neg. if you want
    48MB RAM
    Run's 98SE very quickly (It kicks the @$$ out of my dad's 700Mhz any day!!)
    Lemme know

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