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    Default Access '97 with Office 2000

    Is there any way I can run MS Access 97 once I have Office 2000 installed?

    I have several databases, which other Access '97 users use so I can't upgrade them to Access 2000, but if I retain them as Access 97 and open them in Access 2000 I can't make changes to their design.

    I have tried the obvious things like uninstalling Access 2000 and installing Access 97 but it just tries to install Access 2000 as soon as I open a database.

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    Heather P

    Default Re: Access '97 with Office 2000

    Rather than clicking on a file name to open file AND program why not open program then open the file from within it?

    I would also have thought that you can run two versions of Access on the one machine so long as they are in different directories (haven't tried it but my guess is that is should be feasible. Maybe.)

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    Default Re: Access '97 with Office 2000

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    Default Re: Access '97 with Office 2000

    To avoid compatibility issues 97 version should be installed before 2000, and 2000 before XP etc. If you still have problems after trying the above, I think you will have to bite the bullet and uninstall 2k, then install 97 then 2000.

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    Dolby Digital

    Default Re: Access '97 with Office 2000

    I have recently installed Access 2000 and Access 97 on the same PC. Access 2000 stole the mdb file extension and the Microsoft Access on the Start | Programs menu. I put a shortcut on the desktop to start Access 97 and open the mdb file from there.

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    markOS X

    Default Re: Access '97 with Office 2000

    If you're still interested, check here (this is one link - pressf1 seems to be putting breaks in funny places, as it shouldn't have any spaces in it):;[LN];Q241141#Cause3

    The title of the article is Microsoft Knowledge Base Article - Q241141: How to Install Access 97 and Access 2000 on the Same Computer

    It goes through several different scenarios that might be useful to you. I'm currently going through this process myself, so I can let you know how I get on if you like.

    markOS X

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