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    Have put Hotbar on IE and it has put a Tool bar on Outlook Express which allows me to send pretty emails similar to Incredimail and also allows IE to put Skins on top Toolbar. Is anyone else using this, the IE toolbar is no good for use in NZ but email toolbar is very good. Am worried if it is open to Spam or any other problems....Cheers.Ralph

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    > IE toolbar is no good for use in NZ but email toolbar
    > is very good. Am worried if it is open to Spam or any
    > other problems....Cheers.Ralph

    I doubt it'd open you up any more to spam than you already are. But something it will do is make your emails a lot bigger, so they take longer to send, and also longer to receive. If you send one to somebody who has to pay for the amount they download etc (done quite a lot overseas - not so much in NZ) then they'll be paying more for your email with pretty features than just a plain old boring email.


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    sorry - I know this is an old post, but I just had a cow-orker (sic) install this program on her workstation. Thought I'd do a bit of research, and it turns out its a nasty spyware program.

    “Hotbar collects and stores information about the web pages you view and the data you enter in search engine search fields while using the software (some browser toolbar you can download for free). While using the Hotbar toolbar, Hotbar uses this information to determine which ads and buttons are displayed in the toolbar and which ads to show your browser (including Flash pop-ups). As the above unsolicited e-mail states: they can deliver a flash popup to any URL the advertiser chooses. When you visit web sites with the toolbar installed (the "Service"), Hotbar collects information about the web sites you visit and the pages you view. Hotbar stores your IP address, domain name, URL of the web page you are visiting, information about your browser, information about your computer's operating system, your Hotbar cookie number and the date/time the above information is logged. When you type search terms into a search engine, the search term you entered is transmitted from your computer and stored by Hotbar. Also stored is what toolbar buttons you click on, what links within the toolbar buttons you click on, the amount of time you have used it during each session, what browser skins you have downloaded during any given session, and if you have encountered forms where you have entered your personal information, this may be stored as well (if the site you entered the information at, forwards the entered information via form scripts).”

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