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    Default Audio all gone...Help please.

    Hi...Just done a re-install of win98 and my pc is going just great...except for the audio. All I get when there should be audio is a sharp, fast repeating click. This is with video sound tracks or cds. The cds were playing OK last night but since then I've added Explorer 6.4 and Media Player 6. Winamp is making the same noise. I can't find any "Options" to check out on Media Player...does it have "Options'? Thanks for any help with this....Ken

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    Well, I don't have a surefire solution but I suggest trying the following:

    1. As you say the problem is with Audio CDs, try changing between digital and analog playback: Go Start>Settings>Control Panel>Multimedia>CD Audio and check/uncheck the digital audio box, reboot and see what happens.

    2. If this didn't work, and I have a feeling it probably wouldn't have, I would do this: download the latest drivers for your sound card and CD-ROM drive, plus the latest version of DirectX (

    I've had a problem similar to this before and in the end I resorted to swapping the CD-ROM drive to fix the problem. Hope this helps :-)

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    Default Re: Audio all gone...Help please.

    what sound card? have you installed the drivers for it? whats the specs for the pc? have you installed motherboard drivers?

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