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    Chris Wilson

    Default Anyone here tried SUSE linux?

    A freind of mine is coming round on Sunday with the SUSE CD set (all 5 CD's) to help set up my server
    i was going to use mandrake, but what do I know? Well actually not too much when it comes to linux. Anyways, whats suse like? How does it compare to Mandrake, or Redhat, which i also have disks for?
    Any recomendations which flavour to use for a storage and web server?
    All input appreciated, as i know nothing!

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    Default Re: Anyone here tried SUSE linux?

    Someone told me SuSE was the most compliant out of all the Linux versions, The joker who made Linux was tring to get all the versions to standardize.

    One thing that bugs me with Linux you have to watch what type of program file to download otherwise it will not install but with SuSE 4 out 5 programs I tried to install worked, when I tried Red Hat only 1 out of 5 would work, so I went back to SuSE, I suppose when they standardize versions, one would not get that problem again.

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    Chris Wilson

    Default Re: Anyone here tried SUSE linux?

    that's a big plus for SUSE...
    so far it seems like the best idea!

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    Default Re: Anyone here tried SUSE linux?

    By the way I forgot to tell you, there is a Email (help) group for SuSE,
    not sure of the rest of the Linux versions, send a Email to with
    subscribe suse-linux-e in the body (-e for English group),
    The Subject line does not count.

    Then you will be guaranteed to get a good 100 Emails a day, but look on the bright side you will also get help too.

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    Graham L

    Default Re: Anyone here tried SUSE linux?

    Suse is POSIX compliant. If you don't know what that means, yoiu don't need it.

    RedHat is used for most Web servers.

    Most of the users of SuSe are Europeans. They might know English.

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    Default Re: Anyone here tried SUSE linux?

    I am currently running both Suse 8.0 and Redhat 7.3. Like yourself I'm a newbie and have only been running Linux for about 12 months. I have the Suse running as a Samba server. One problem I have found with Suse is that installing on a computer with less common hardware can be quite a trial compared to Redhat.

    From memory they have also stopped support for older versions like 6.4 and earlier.

    Have Fun!

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    Dolby Digital

    Default Re: Anyone here tried SUSE linux?

    I have not used SUSE but by all accounts it is very newbie friendly. I run Mandrake 8.2, Redhat 7.1, Slackware 8.0 and Mandrake is what I would recommend (it is based on the Redhat distribution too) although I did have problems getting XServer running with a S3 video card.

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    Graham L

    Default Re: Anyone here tried SUSE linux?

    About downloads of applications/upgrades: problems are usually user-generated.

    The Linux standard for application packages is RPM 3.0 . That is the RedHat format.

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