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    Default Setting up bootable CD with Ghost image...

    Okay, now to do some serious work with my CD burner. I'm going to format my drive and reinstall everything (Win XP, Office XP etc.) and wonder whether it'd be worthwhile making a ghost type image of my HDD at the same time so that my reinstall process would be so much easier next time.

    so I'm wanting to know how to go about both creating the ghost image, and how to set my CD as bootable (I know it can be done). What should be done before the ghost image is created, and what should be done afterwards? etc. etc. etc.



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    Default Re: Setting up bootable CD with Ghost image...

    We really need more information Mike before we can tell you how to create a bootable CD.

    I suggest that you RTFHF (RTF Help File)

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    Default Re: Setting up bootable CD with Ghost image...

    so what do you want to know?


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