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    Hi, having trouble with a laptop, the monitor will work O.K occasionally and always fine on the docking station but often will just show a white screen, there is no activity at all on the screen at this time, lights show hard-drive working.
    OS is win XP, also use a CRT monitor on laptop and works fine, anyone nkow what can be causing this?
    thanks in advance JB

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    dave e

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    Had the same kind of problems with my screen, it was still reasonably new and the warranty covered it. Mine is a Compaq Armada bought this year with XP also so maybe a check of warranty details is a good place to start anyway.

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    this is a compaq armada also, out of warranty though....

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    I would be cheeky and take it back to your supplier. If it's a known Compaq problem, they may feel obligated to fix for nix.

    I say that, as I had an Amplifier that was 2 years out of warranty, and it was fixed free by Tisco's, due to a common "built-in" fault.

    Worth a go anyway :-)

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    cheers guys will get on my war paint


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