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Thread: System Registry

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    Default System Registry

    Some friends of mine have this message coming up on their PC every time they boot up .

    Windows has encounted an error Accessing the system registry

    Windows will restart and repair the system registry for you

    For some reason they reboot and the message keeps on appearing
    They are running windows 98 se
    How do i fix it ?
    Any help would be appericated

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    Greg S

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    Hi. First thing I'd try would be:

    Start up in Safe Mode (hold down the Ctrl key while booting).
    Go Start | Run
    Type in "msconfig" without the quotes
    Click "Ok"
    Click "Restore Backup"
    "Ok" your way out and reboot.

    Second thing I'd probably do, without more info, is reinstall Windows over the top of existing operating system.

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    Default Re: System Registry

    Cheers Greg
    I'll head out to their place and try it out

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