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    looking at changing to E3, has anyone got any comments on E3 for connections, congestion, reliability etc

    many thanks,

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    hey steve

    E3 is a bit dodgy had quite a few troubles with it in the past, then again it could be my Computer??

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    Elwin Way

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    I'm in Porirua, locality seems to account for things.

    I can say that for $5 more, Quicksilver seems to be the best bet.

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    Susan B

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    My advice is don't bother with it if you don't like getting regular connection problems.

    My daughter spent part of the afternoon connected yesterday, finishing at 3pm. When I tried getting on at 4pm I thought E3 had died. Kept getting "cannot connect to server" messages right through until 9pm. Another person I know had a hell of a job getting on as well, although he was more successful than I at around 7pm.

    It happens regularly, at least once a week. Their speed is not as good as zFree was even with my new external modem.

    I'm looking for a new provider, unfortunately.

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    If I hadn't paid a year in advance I would change in a heartbeat. I run the Net Medic programme which tells you for sure whether your problems connecting/getting bumped off etc. are with your computer or the ISP. I have just run my last report and of 25 failed connections, only 2 were due to my CPU load. After complaining I received an email saying they were in the process of upgrading - that was 6 weeks ago and there is absolutely no improvement.

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    Susan B

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    It really gets your goat when they've just bumped their prices up $3 per month, doesn't it?

    Anyone with Freenet at all? I couldn't get through to their website last night and am wondering if they went down as well?

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    I personally would not recommend E3 to anyone (in CHCH, like Susan B).

    I'm always having trouble connecting. Quite often connects and then doesn't work.

    Though some of it could be them locking me out for being online too much.

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