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    Default FAQ 666 F1 uses favorite programs

    letter assigner-makes 98/me able to assign fixed letters to hardrives

    x-setup- mother of all tweakers

    cacheman- vcache and memory tweaker

    tweakUI- microsofts tweaker

    zoomplayer- free dvd and video player

    ifranveiw- free graphics veiwer

    outpost- firewall

    host file- ads and unwanted site blocking

    cachesentry- IE cache manager

    vcool- cpu cooler program

    flashget- downloader app so you can resume downloads

    msmouse- microsoft mouse driver works quite well with most mice.

    divx- popular codex for avi movies

    quicktime- for mov movies

    realplayer- much hated but needed to play realmedia files

    regcleaner- helps keep registry tidy

    jvi6 power tools- cleaning apps but still beta

    icq- messager program


    winzip- for unzipping zip files or

    winrar- for unzipping rar files (and zip files)

    AVG- free antivirus (has also a pro version)

    easydivx- good easy starting point for coverting dvd to divx

    bho captor/demon- for accessing browser helper opjects

    EAC (exact audio copy)- for converting cd's to mp3

    cdex- open source cd to mp3 coverter

    ogg vorbis- open source mp3 codec

    kazaa lite- spywareless ver of kazaa fileshareing app

    adaware- spyware remover

    refupdate- reference file updater tool for adaware

    mbm (motherboard monitor)- monitor pc temps

    smart ripper- dvd ripper

    tvtool- to enable tv out so you can watch dvd/video from pc to tv

    riva tuner- nvida video card tweaker

    opera- very nice optoinal browser

    dvdgenie- reset zone control software

    properties plus- alter properties of files.

    UBD ultimate boot disk- for booting/installin/repaiing pc

    ps2 rate adjuster- speed up ps2 mouse(make it smooooth baby)

    ics config- ics manager

    dbpoweramp- handy for coverting mp3's and displaying mp3 info in explorer.

    sisoft sandra- benchmarking and system info tool.

    keep the list going................

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    Default Re: FAQ 666 F1 uses favorite programs

    Mpower - ram free up utility for systems that struggle with little ram or apps that wont release.

    Freecell - the microsoft card game that has filled many a useless hour while waiting for downloads

    Roxio Goback - for system restoration/revert. when you play with the things you just knew you shouldn't

    Norton Ghost - for back up and saving my butt to many times to count

    PressF1 - for the best place to learn about these infernal machines

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    Default Re: FAQ 666 F1 uses favorite programs

    Star Wars Jedi Knight II - One of the best games around
    StarCraft/Broodwars - Another of the best games around
    Windows XP Pro
    PowerDVD XP - best DVD software
    ICQ - best messaging program
    PressF1 - second best website around (after mine of course!)
    Outlook XP
    Mailwasher - remove the spam!
    Norton Antivirus 2002
    Download Accelerator Plus
    Windows Notepad
    DVD Genie
    RealOne Player
    Acrobat Reader 5
    MS Visual Studio and Visual Studio.Net


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    Default Re: FAQ 666 F1 uses favorite programs

    PowerDesk = free Explorer replacement that also has a zip function.
    TrayText = assign several key strokes to a macro.
    ZoneAlarm = Firewall free and paid versions
    Host file = Found in the Windows directory. Can be used to block sites eg. Adverts etc.
    IrfanView = excellent little graphics viewer.

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    Sam H

    Default Re: FAQ 666 F1 uses favorite programs

    Adobe Photo Shop 7.0 - Quite simply the best photo editing suit out there

    Spider Solitaire - Another Microsoft card game that comes in handy while waiting for downloads to finish

    Dungeon Siege - Fun Game

    GTA3 - The best game out

    MOHAA - Another great game

    Age Of Empires series - Need I say anything else?

    Abby Fine Reader - OCR

    CloneCD - CD duplication

    PrimoCD Plus - CD Burning software

    Britannica 2000 CD - Good source for answers to unknown things.

    DC++ - File Sharing.

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    Greg S

    Default Re: FAQ 666 F1 uses favorite programs

    Apart from a few already mentioned...

    Wintop - free - check what's REALLY running in the background
    AtGuard - ahhh - peace of mind
    Age of Kings - makes you feel good to save the world
    NoteTab Lite - A-mazing text editor - free
    Ulead Cool 3D - great 3D text and image distorter - free
    Netscape Communicator - wayyy better than anything else - free
    WinAmp - fantasy turned into reality - free
    PolyView - sophisticated image editor - small and yes... FREE

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    Default Re: FAQ 666 F1 uses favorite programs

    I too really like spider but cant get one for my computer. running win98
    only plat it at other places. any suggestions?

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    Terry Porritt

    Default Re: FAQ 666 F1 uses favorite programs

    Here are a few of my favourite Windows freeware programs:

    NoteTab, a replacement for NotePad.

    Programmers File Editor, another NotePad replacement.

    Real Encoder 5.1, converts live/streaming audio/video to Real Media, .rm files.

    CamUnzip an easy to use free zip/unzip utility.

    ToniArts Easy Cleaner.

    Solways' Clean System Directory utility.

    What about favourite dos programs ? ;\

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    Default Re: FAQ 666 F1 uses favorite programs

    partition magic -- does magic things to partitions
    fresh download -- freeware download manager
    freshUI - tweak your windows. free, works on all versions since win95
    XOSL - to manage your too-many-operating-systems-on-one-computer. Free
    Open Office. org - why pay for an office suite?
    TurboBrowser Express - WAY better than windows explorer.
    Paint Shop Pro - for most of your graphics needs....
    Outlook express - show me another email program that will access my hotmail and I'll gladly use that, but until then....

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    Default Re: FAQ 666 F1 uses favorite programs

    Music Match - MP3 player

    cacheman - Cache tweaker

    ZoneAlarm - Free personal firewall

    nVeiw - Desktop Tweaker

    Norton Anti Virus - Speaks for itself

    Gnucleus - P2P file sharing, no spyware

    EAX - Sound Blaster Enchancer

    MOH: AA - Great Game

    Outlook - Email

    MSN - Chat Client

    IE 6 - So i can use Press F1 ;-)

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