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    Default Plain Text v Rich Text HTML

    I am a bit confused over these. Are there certain instances when one should be used over the other? I have been playing around with both & the only thing that I noticed this end was that Plain Text was very basic eg. you could not change fonts or colours.

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    Default Re: Plain Text v Rich Text HTML

    Do you mean in your email client? Plain text is just that - standard ascii like you'd get in Notepad. Doesn't aloow any formatting - no bold, italics, font colours etc etc.

    HTML email is just what it says. An email that uses HTML for formatting just like a web page - so you can do fonts, colours, include images - full-blown HTML if you wish.

    The upside of HTML is obvious, the downside is that if you are sending an HTML/rich text email to someone, and they do not have an email client capable of viewing it, then they won't see the email as you intended. Plain text, on the other hand, offers the best compatibility, since it is standard and will be read across platforms, OSes and email cleints. Most of the timer, it does the trick fine.

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    Default Re: Plain Text v Rich Text HTML

    If you are sending e-mail to any companies, you are running an increasing risk of having them quarantined at the other end if HTML is detected.

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    Default Re: Plain Text v Rich Text HTML

    Thanks to you both for your answers. Yes it was Emails that I was referring to.

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