I have recently upgraded my machine and am now having problems faxing from Word97. Previously I had a Pentium 166 with Windows 98. Now I have a Pentium II 400 with Windows 98. On my new machine the fax works fine when faxing from Microsoft Exchange 4.0, but when I fax from Word97 I receive a ?cannot print, printer setup error?.? message. I have rebuilt the machine several times now and have configured it in the same way as my old machine, and I am faxing the same way I did on my old machine. I would be most grateful for any words of wisdom.

Current machine:
PII 400 128Mb, Win 98, Asus P2B mainboard, Matrox video card, Realtek Network adaptor, ESS 1869 sound card, external US robotics sportster voice 33.6 faxmodem, Office 97. MS Exchange 4.0

Best regards,
Robert Simpson. or
Ph (09) 2747109.