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    Default Converting Access DB reports to .pdf's

    Does anyone know if it is possible to create a pdf from an Access database report? I have finished creating this database, and have reformatted the report page to look how I want it.. but I would like to export it to an acrobat file..

    Is this even possible? I've had a look through the help files on both Acrobat and Access and can't see any reference made to it. Also, the usual little floating icon asking whether I want to covert it to a pdf is not there when I am using Access.

    Does anyone have experience with these? Please don't tell me I have to convert it to html then to a pdf file! I can't even get it into html! :8}

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    Default Re: Converting Access DB reports to .pdf's

    There is no direct route to pdf format from an access report.

    You have two options.

    1. Export the report to Word as an rtf file and convert it there, or
    2. Export the report as a snp - snapshot file - and then provide a link to download snapshot viewer at MS site (Snapshot viewer is less than a meg download).

    In both cases, either manually alter the "Save as file type" or create a macro or code to select file type and path.

    Use export to html as a last resort, since when Access creates the html coding, each line is placed in a separate table. This creates viewing problems with column alignment depending on the users screen resolution. Though I haven't yet used it with Access, the other alternative for web page output could be Crystal Reports.

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    Default Re: Converting Access DB reports to .pdf's

    You can print to a .pdf. You need to install a 'pdf printer driver' and then print to that instead of your default printer. Adobe contains a 'pdf printer driver' or you can kluge one for free by using 'Ghostscript'. Checkout freepdf on how to install. (Basically you print to a postscript file, re-direct the file to ghostscript which will then save it as a .pdf). Freepdf is a program that manages the process for you.

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