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    Does anyone know how to get admin right sin windows 2000 if a user hasn't got admin rights. This does sound stupid but I would really like to know. I can't do anything with the rights I have and I would really like to have right click back!!!
    Also no one knows the admin password. The highest up person(in access rights) still can't change anything and the admin password is not known by anyone. I can't do anything with my rights!!! I can't view the properties, I can't right click, I can't get rid of the stupid access rights on my files which allows anyone on the network to view my files, I can't change the time (which is 21 minutes behind time which is really annoying), I can't get to the control panel and I can't access the list of computers on the network. To access a file on a network computer I have to make a new shortcut through file>new>shortcut then type \\(computer)\ .My files have been labeled with the "everyone" tag in security. Everything I can't do is really annoying. I have checked with everyone high up and they don't care what I do!!!
    If anyone knows how I can get admin rights without having to know the admin password please tell me. Well at least being able to get all those things I can do back would be great. If it is a reg file which I have to create can someone plesae tell me what I need to put in the registry file to get the rights back. ALso I don't want to save the rights to my username. As I only want to make a few changes while I am logged on and I don't need it every time I log on.



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    You are out of luck as you need to know the Admin password to change the rights you want. Sounds very sloppy when no one in your organisation knows the password. Who do you get from outside to sort out your PC problems as they probably have the password. You won't have the rights to alter the registry either. A clean install is probably the only way if you can't get a password.

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    win2000 is known for its tough security measures, u could try downloading a crack off the internet, by searching in google which would allow u to access wot u want, but be warned u r now treading the path of the warez world.


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    Who ever setup your network is the one to blame. There could be very good reasons why they have it locked down as hard as they have. Trust me someone has to know the admin password. Are you in a Win 2000 server Domain or a workgroup. As the previous poster said you can download a hack for the admin password and add yourself with admin rights to the local PC but this limits the reason for the security. If all user have the same security as you then you need to talk nicely to your Domain admin.

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