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    This morning when I turned on the computer, after all the boot up sequence the explorer window showed up with the windows directory opened and the "Connect to ISP" dialog box poped up. When I get connected with the ISP, after about 30 seconds a message box appeared with "Rundll32" Title and no message but a OK button. Nothing wrong in performance and other things but I don't like the windows directory opened when I boot up my Computer. Any suggestion will be appriciated to fix the cause of the problem. Thank you.
    AMD duron 800, 128 megs, Win ME, 40 Gb HD.


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    Peter H

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    Have you tried the "restore option"?

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    Hi, some program is loaded to start at bootup and this could be for many reasons - most innocent enough but connections to the net without you prompting are always a bit suspicious.

    To track down the program select Start-Run and enter msconfig and press enter. This is the System Configuration Utility - select the Startup tab and look for the commandline rundll. Uncheck the box beside this and reboot and see if this resolves the problem.


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