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    Default GeForce2MXPro installation

    i have installed a new card which is a pci Geforce2mx inplace of a agp s3 savage 4 card . i removed the old card and started up computer . nothing happened, computer did not boot up . i had to install old card again to start up. any ideas ???

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    What motherboard and chipset?
    What beeps (if any) did the PC make.
    As this is likely a hardware issue more details are needed

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    Default Re: GeForce2MXPro installation

    In the BIOS there is a often an option to choose the primary video option. It is probably set to AGP.

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    Heather P

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    My disasterous week has involved 2 computers - one with a similar problem. Tried to change the driver for a GEForce 2MX (had installed a nearly right one but not quite right) and the system hung.

    I discovered a few things along the way and it's now working.

    First, this site: has drivers for the disk.

    GE Force MX2 /
    Download drivers
    Windows 95/98/ME
    Detonator XP

    Detonator is an 8Mb executable file that will sort out what you need and install it.

    Put back old card
    Download the file
    Switch off
    Put in new card
    Restart in safe mode
    Run this file.

    NOTE: All care, no responsibility! As our computer had recently been reformatted I did it again from scratch so I haven't tried the safe mode method.

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