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Thread: nz p2p system

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    Default nz p2p system

    just incase u guys didnt know, there is a new new zealand based p2p service. u can read more about it and get the client software at

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    Default Re: nz p2p system

    3.50TB being shared at the moment

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    Default Re: nz p2p system

    Got the software. I like the idea of a NZ net.
    Installed it but in spite of trying the suggestions in the FAQ I dont get any results. Not even sure if it is working?? Maybe I am just not holding my mouth right
    Any suggestions welcome
    P.s. Have checked parent site.

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    Default Re: nz p2p system

    Nice. Just installed it a few minutes, very easy, even behind my firewall.

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    Default Re: nz p2p system

    I recommed using DC++ as opposed to the plain Direct Connect. DC++ is smaller as well.

    The HUB that you want to connect to is [i][/url]

    It runs on port 411 (or there abouts). You may also need to do pinholing with a DSL router for it to work well.

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    Default Re: nz p2p system

    Its a little beauty.

    Thanx. Been looking for an alternative since Audiogalaxy closed.

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    Chris Wilson

    Default Re: nz p2p system

    i can share my 1280 obscure files again!

    there seems to be a bit of outgoing traffic allready... must work well then!

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    Chris Wilson

    Default Re: nz p2p system

    i dont seem to be able to find anything i want though, where does one find the international servers?

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    Default Re: nz p2p system

    It's also impossible for an international user to connect. So you jetstart people can feel free as you won't be giving away your spare gigabytes.

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    Default Re: nz p2p system

    you can get international servers by clicking on the public hubs button or similar.

    Most hubs have limits as to connection types and amount you are sharing.

    Also remember that is blocked off from international traffic so that it won't affect your international usage.

    but someone still needs to get it here in the first place.

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