I am considering buying a gigabyte AP64D-H card and would like to hear from anyone who is using it. This uses the ATI Radion 8500 chip and has quite impressive specs for the price. The reviews are good and comparisons with Geforce 3 are more than favourable. However there is no substitute for personal experience so anyone who has one, please reply with constructive critisism or praise. My main interest is Flight Sim 2002 Pro with all the add-on scenery bits and everything wound up to max settings.

System is, FIC AZ11EA motherboard, Athlon 1.2G, 768M SD133 Ram, 40G 7200rpm hard-drive.
Present card is Geforce2 MX400.

Pity Press F1 decided to use American spelling for it's spell-check utility - I wondered why no one was using it.