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    Default Reinstalling Windows XP

    I want to reinstall Windows XP Professional on my laptop.

    Can somebody give tell me, or point me to, instructions as to how to do just that? Is it a relatively easy thing to do, or am I going to need some help from somebody who knows what they are doing?

    I am not going to install any new hardware or anything, I just want to reinstall it because i'm having a few problems and my hard drive is cluttered as hell anyway.

    So if somebody could tell me how (if it's that easy) I would appreciate it.

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    Default Re: Reinstalling Windows XP

    I have never done an installation of XP but generally it is easy unless the installation doesn't recognize some of your hardware.
    To be honest with you as far as my experience goes instralling Linux actually has been better than Windows.

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    Default Re: Reinstalling Windows XP

    the whole process can be relatively easy thing if u know what has to be done, and there are two ways, this is the second way, might be harder but hey gets the job done & also this way includes the win xp pro cd + cd rom drive:

    1. do u have the win xp pro cd, if yes proceed to no. 2.
    2. If u want to erase everything on ur hdd, go to no.3
    3. Backup all your important files or emails or other things u wish to keep.
    4. Now back up all the drivers of things like scanners, printers, etc.
    5. Restart ur laptop and hit delete when you come to the screen about the energy rating and where it detects ur cd drives, now u should be in bios. Now search every folder till u find " first boot up device" click enter on that and set it to cdrom. now exit bios by pressing esc.
    6.Now insert the win xp pro cd and it should boot up on its own.
    After that it will ask wheter or not u wish to boot say yes.
    7.Now u should be at a blue screen where the win xp cd will be loading drivers and getting it self ready. Now it should give u options like press F1
    to reformat drive or press F2 to install windows.
    8. As u mentioned u would like to take out the clutter then i am assuming u want to empty ur hdd? if yes go to no.9
    9. First press the button for reformatting, then choose the drive and proceed, if warnings come up don't worry just keep going.
    10. Once that is done the computer should restart. Once it has restarted it will once again load the win xp cd, now after coming back onto the blue screen press the button for installing windows, choose the drive ( the one u reformatted=C drive). Now it should install on its own, if an error occurs where it says that there is a missing setup file, no worries just skip that file but write down its file name.
    11.Now follow the onscreen instructions once that is done and ur on ur way.
    12.Do as it says, setup the admin blah blah blah.
    13.Enter windows for first time, setup ur programs, move ur files, etc,
    14.Now ur finished, windows has been setup succesfuly.

    not sure if a cd key is requied during installation though but keep one at hand just incase.

    (that was long) *wipes sweat from forehead*
    hope that helped


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    Default Re: Reinstalling Windows XP

    well, i am extremely grateful to get this reply, i plan to do it this weekend. thanks very much for your help.

    if my computer explodes into flames, or spontaneously combusts i'll hold you responsible ;-)

    then again, if it all works perfectly i shall be eternally grateful.

    will post how things go once i'm done.


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    Default Re: Reinstalling Windows XP

    just doing my job, and also be very careful as to what u r doing.
    have a great time re-installing windows


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    Graham L

    Default Re: Reinstalling Windows XP

    HAve a look at the thread "Dual Booting - Help needed" (July 8). I gave the way to get the File and Setup saving Wizard. That makes sure that you can reinstall your stuff after the reinstall. According to the documenation.

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