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    Default Dvd drive please!!!!!

    i recently formated my computer from xp to run win 98se on it butnow im having problems with the dvd drive. If I try to watch DVD movies on it, the picture jerks like nothing else, and on occasions when its not that jerky, the sound and the movement (like people talking) are not quite in sync.
    Most of the time though its just really jerky, and rather irritating to watch. I've been informed by many different sources that it should run smoothly, but nobody has been able to give the right suggestion to fix it.
    Windows set the drive up but does it need to have the correct driver???
    I been told that it could be the software,I am using power dvd 4.0 is there a patch or something else i need???
    Any help would be appreciated

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    Default Re: Dvd drive please!!!!!

    mmmmmm.......must be school hollidays again ;-)

    firstly if you really want help post as must info on your system and about your problem. more the merrier. what hardware, software etc even if u think it dosn't matter post it anyway.

    you don't always need a driver for a dvd drive. however if you have just installed windows you will need to find motherboard drivers, video drivers, sound drivers etc the ones on windows cd is limited.

    don't forget all the windows updates as well.

    note- its a lot easier if you reply to your older posting on the same topic so people know what u r on about.

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    Default Re: Dvd drive please!!!!!

    hope you didnt install XP that can cause problems unless you have a super fast cpu and lots of memory

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    Brent P

    Default Re: Dvd drive please!!!!!

    You're now running Win98? Sounds like you haven't enabled DMA. Go to Control Panel - System - Device Manger. Double click on the CD\DVD icon to expand it then Right click on the appropriate drive, select PROPERTIES from the pop-up menu. Select the SETTINGS tab. Place a tick in the "DMA" option box. You should do this for your CD and Hard drives also.

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    Default Re: Dvd drive please!!!!!

    Not sure if dma is enabled the only things in the settings tab for the dvd player are disconnect box with tick in it and sync data transfer with tick in it and auto insert notification with tick in it.
    Please note it doesnt have a driver loaded as windows 98se set it up and i havnt found a driver for a samsung sd616f that can be used with win98
    The specs on the computer are intel pentium 4 845 chipset 1.6ghz cpu
    512mb ram and running a Nvidia geforce2 mx400 64mb grafics card
    Sound is built in and running soundmax intergrated digital audio
    It also has the intel application accelerator driver installed

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    Brent P

    Default Re: Dvd drive please!!!!!

    Grab the INF Update Utility from

    Run it, then you should be set. Check after to see that DMA is enabled.

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