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    Default Windows update will not display!


    I tried mostly everything which is documented on the Microsoft site to make the page display (including reducing my security settings in Microsoft Explorer, enabling all my ActiveX controls, and then emptying my cache and history folders). I even reinstalled Explorer 6; I did have a number of additional things in the Explorer menu (Yahoo! messenger, ICQ, Download Accelerator and Google). I tried to remove these items the best I could :-) I even downloaded and new version of the virtual machine :-) but to no avail it still didn't work. It's really so annoying is there a way of completely removing Explorer from my system? I had this problem before with previous computers I've owned and been able to resolve it. Has anybody found some workable solutions??

    Any help would be truly appreciated thank you :-)


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    Sam H

    Default Re: Windows update will not display!

    What anti virus are you using?
    If your using one such as PC Cillian that blocks active x try disabling it while you use the Microsoft update.

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    Default Re: Windows update will not display!

    what do you mean "will not display" ??

    i had problems with windows update and it was that my ISP had a proxy setup and that stops update working.

    from what MS told me ANY / ALL proxy's will stop update from working right.

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    Default Re: Windows update will not display!

    I'm using PC Cillan 2000. I disabled Java scripting I think, plus I also ZoneAlarm. Can you disabled PC Cillan before Windows starts up during booting?

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    Default Re: Windows update will not display!

    "Cannot Display Page" comes up

    Its interesting I have a suspicion that because I left my computer unused for a time. Nearly seven months may be the ActiveX controls need updating plus I changed my virus checker to PC Cillan 2000.

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    Sam H

    Default Re: Windows update will not display!

    Malcolm-c after Windows has booted up there should be a little icon for PC Cillin in the system tray (bottom right or the screen). Right click this and then click shut down PC Cillin. Now go to the Microsoft update page.


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    Default Re: Windows update will not display!

    As you dont mention your OS, the following thread may apply to you:

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    Default Re: Windows update will not display!

    The windows update problem I was having finally resolved itself last night! I managed to disable the Web filtering and ActiveX protection mechanism on my virus checker (but interestingly I managed a short time later to access the window update site with the controls on!). The site must have been temporarily out of action or something.

    Thank you very much for your help.



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    Default Re: Windows update will not display!

    just a note:
    get rid of pc cillian, useless scanner. i get machines all the time with that software infected with virus's and the defs are up to date

    stick scanner

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    Chris Wilson

    Default Re: Windows update will not display!

    ther's a wee setting in IE that i recomend you change

    tools > internet options > advanced > show "friendly" http error messages, Please untick this

    I have no idea whose evil sense of humour thought a default useless and uninformative screen could be friendlier than a 404 or something that actually gives us some kind of clue as to what went wrong. Thats Microsoft for you!
    If you untick this you will also gain access to some of the best 404 messages, that help turn those moments of bad links, and bad typing into pure pleasure, such as this link here that billy t found last night!

    M$ update page is being a bit weird though, a couple of nights ago i went there and got a simple text message saying it now only supported 2000 & XP! I run 98SE. The page was normal again by morning. Go figure?

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