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    mark c

    Default these FAQs are brilliant...

    ...but. A conscientious user of this site would of course check thru the FAQs for their solution, and at the rate they're coming up and the excellent quality provided, most prob get their answer. But..Wah!...Wah! I'd miss out on all the fun of interactivity and the wisecracks and other 'personal' so boring just finding the answer.

    just a thought. We're getting it all for free and the users damn well complain it's too good! Sheesh. Wot next?

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    Myrddin Emrys

    Default Re: these FAQs are brilliant...

    mark c, I agree, especially the para wah wah etc. I like the way Merlin manages to ruffle some feathers!! ;\ It is such a friendly "room" to visit & good fun as well as help. More power to your keyboards friends. ;-)

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    Susan B

    Default Re: these FAQs are brilliant...

    Don't worry Mark, human nature being what it is no one is going to go straight thru to the FAQ to see if their problem is there before asking on the forum.

    The FAQs are there purely so that when someone asks a question covered in the FAQ we can say "Go to FAQ 16 How do I get rid of SPAM?" rather than regurgitating the same old info every few days.

    There will always be extra questions on things not covered in the FAQ or someone not understanding something so we'll still get the interactivity and the wisecracks and other 'personal' stuff.

    But if we don't we'll just invent our own, won't we?! Why, Press F1 may even turn into a personal help forum for sad geeks rather than be just a plain vanilla computer help forum.

    Won't that please Robo?

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    mark c

    Default Re: these FAQs are brilliant...

    Yo! Terrific!

    Who you calling a sad geek?


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