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    Default FIFA world cup 2002/Nascar demos from June 2002 PC WORLD

    Do these games "actually" work?
    I've been installing them and trying to play them but they keep crashing and saying "game cannot run" and i keep restarting and retrying to play and it doesnt work...
    i also tried it on my friends computer which is 256mb ram and winxp home edition,(mine is 64mb ram and win98se) and it doesnt work there so i dont know what to do...blame the cd demo for not working..or blame the computer or something...


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    Jar Jar Binks

    Default Re: FIFA world cup 2002/Nascar demos from June 2002 PC WORLD

    Both these demo's definitely work...I've tested them extensively during work time so I should know.

    You may want to check the graphics card drivers and Direct X8.1 are up to date on the PC's you've used. Perhaps have a fiddle with various display settings? Otherwise try the websites of the people who made the games and see if they have any advice posted there.

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