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    grandad w

    Default Logging on & Settings (2)

    Firstly to Cadifan ,Babe Ruth , Laiping,
    Thanks for your responses.
    Babe I tried but still got the oops!!
    Laiping I copied the error info to word which covers 2 pages 75 words & 2600 odd characters
    do you wis h me to send you a copy

    Regards to all


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    J ZEP

    Default Re: Logging on & Settings (2)

    I had this prob too but Cadifan has it sussed - it worked for me the way it worked for him - Go out of that settings and use the one at the top of the page - MY SETTINGS - and its seems to work from there and you can then change etc..

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    Default Re: Logging on & Settings (2)

    yes I would like to have a look at the error. Could you pls email it to me at Thanks :-)

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    Default Re: Logging on & Settings (2)

    Hi Liaping

    I also had a problem when I tried to register,everything was alright ,
    till I got to the last page where you edit your settings,when I tried to
    save it an error message came up [ opps! failed to save because some
    settings are incorrect ] or something like that.
    I tried several times and also disabled my Nortons internet security,but it still didn,t work.
    I then clicked on logon to see if my account work and it came up with an
    error message,I save it to note pad,I can send it to you if you like.

    My account seems to work fine now though?

    I am running XP pro .
    Hope this is useful

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    grandad w

    Default Re: Logging on & Settings (2)

    Hi Laiping
    I Emailed the error report to you this morning, sorry about the delay
    Nana W called me for dinner
    I seem to have it sussed now.
    To all who responded thank you .I took the advice to go to the top of the site and click on the My Settings link .I am now able to make the adjustments.
    Grandad W
    What a Great Site

    Ps I hope this dos'nt post twice when I went to Spell Check & Preview I got an error message and all that was left on the screen was the Subject Heading This time I will hit Post Message & have Faith!!

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    Default Re: Logging on & Settings (2)

    test ignore

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