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    Good old post office. They delivered my PC World mag today. Postman decided to roll it up like a newspaper. Surprised to find the cd didn't break, just bent out of shape, and refuses to run, pity really because there looked like some good stuff on the cd. Feel a lot better now that is of my chest. Anyone fancy a game of Frisbee?

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    Wouldn't even put it in the drive. Warped CD might strike the laser. Take it back to post office, jump up & down like a friggin lunatic and demand they do something about it. X-( Then calmly let PC World know what happened and they will probably send you another disk. :-)

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    Just call: Ph. 0800-IDG SUBS (0800-434 782), tell your sad tale of woe and they'll send you out a new one.

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    Hiya, my local post office sells PC world. Why not just tell 'em to replace the CD right there and then on the spot?

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