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    Default Format Hard Drive Error

    Trying to format the hard drive on a system with windows 98. I restart in MS-DOS mode and proceed with format. However when it is checking existing disk format it gets to 73% completed then the computer displays the following; "Not Ready Format Terminated".
    I have tried several times but can't get past the same point. Has anyone have any suggestion what is causing the termination and not letting me format the hard drive.

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    Default Re: Format Hard Drive Error

    boot up useing a boot disk (floppy) as you cannot format c: while you are useing it.

    also why are you trying to format it?

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    Default Re: Format Hard Drive Error

    Computer being passed down to kids that
    now crashes a lot, stuff that has been incorrectly deleted over the years and is full of a lot junk. Thought it would be good to start afresh.

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    Default Re: Format Hard Drive Error

    As tweak e says, boot from a floppy. I don't think this is actually necessary but it could help. Use the command "Format c: /u" This does an unconditional format and stops DOS trying to save any unformat info.

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