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    Default Prune the 'Startup' group!

    First for "Sparky": Yes, I concede that it maybe that there was nothing wrong with ME in the first place. But what puzzles me, is why one Microsoft programme should cause so much trouble for another of the same breed?

    To prove the point, yesterday I made one of my periodic visits to Hotmail to delete my 'spam'. This morning I found that all the old problems had returned and when I checked, MSNSGS had invited itself back to the Start-up group. Deselect, reboot and things are now sweet again.

    So, I think Hotmail and MSN will have to go - permanently.

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    Susan B

    Default Re: Prune the 'Startup' group!

    Sami, not long ago my daughter's Hotmail account was causing my Win 98 PC to have registry errors on every bootup for some strange reason.

    It was temporarily fixed with an update to IE 5.5 but the only permanent cure was to abandon her Hotmail address for a new one.

    She quite happily uses her new address with MSN and Hotmail online but I prefer to download my own Hotmail emails to my OE inbox rather than use the online version, it's so much quicker and tidier.

    My bulk/junk mail is set to be deleted immediately so I don't have to bother with that any more. Still get quite a bit of junk in the inbox but as I manually dowload my Hotmail emails a couple of times a day the old index finger on the Delete key takes care of that before it gets out of hand.

    My experience may be something for you to think about.

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