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    My computer at start-up connects at 48kbps on both my computers. But both modems are configured differently. One is at 57600 and the other is at 384000. Can someone please tell me which is the best setting for speed and all round stability? I'm not having any problems connecting or anything at present I was but that was an ISP issue.


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    Default Re: Modem Configuration

    firstly what os ?

    2nd, what modem? as comands (strings) can vary from modem to modem.

    > One is at 57600 and the other is at 384000
    what/where is this setting?

    general guideline is to set the modem to run only has fast as the phonelines/isp can go (this also means tweaking the mtu values etc as well)

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    Default Re: Modem Configuration

    I'm pretty green when it comes to computers and still figuring out where everything is...I'm still learning, so please bear with me.

    Both computers are running XP..not sure where to find what OS type.

    One computer modem is a smart link HAMR5600 modem (com3) the other is Conexant soft56 modem (m)

    When I said one is configured at 57600 and the other at 384000..I clicked on ISP status then properties then modem configuration and it gave the maximum speeds.....and what they were set above.

    Thanks for your help I appreciate it.

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    Default Re: Modem Configuration

    That is only the speed at which your computer "talks" to the modem, not the modem speed.

    Generally as long as this speed is equivalent or greater than your actual connect speed (which you say to be 48000, which is about right) it wont make any difference.

    On many systems the default is 115,000. If tou wanted to set them both the same, pick a number above 48,000 (above 56,000 preferably) but it will not affect your system if its working OK.

    Only bring it below if you are trying to fault-find or correct something, which you are not.

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    Default Re: Modem Configuration

    Thanks so much for that. I'm just really curious about things..and thought this was the best place to find out and to learn. You have been a great help..thanks again.

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