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    Caught your previous post re laser printer and cartridge replacement. What printer do you have? Our 9 year old printer needs a cartridge every 6 months, costing $400 + gst. (includes drum). Now you can buy a cheap laser printer, cheap cartridges, but they don't tell you that you need to replace the drum after so many pages. Can you help shed any light on this subject for us? Many thanks in anticipation.

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    I use HP2100 laserjet, model is now replaced by the 2200 I think.
    Its a small office / home office type.
    Have had Panasonic KXP6100, drum lasted 2 toner refills, drum replacement was $380 I think, whole printer was less than $600!.

    Next was a Brother HL1040, same issue and price range. I have a colleague that has a similar unit and similar problems.

    Bearing in mind the toner packs only last about 2,000 copies, to redo a drum every couple makes for expensive printing. Thats why I have problems with people quoting/wanting cost per page, its not always relevant.

    Also had experience with the long-life drum Kyocera, they are good but when service was needed it was out of action for ages while parts were sourced. When a drum was damaged (staple found its way in) it was horrendously expensive.

    HP cost about $1,600. Toner unit includes drum, and I pay about $154.
    Get between 5,000 and 10,000 copies per toner unit.

    In a home situation one could get longer out of a drum with the cheap units as quality does not matter so much. Not so in business.

    I probably go through 2 or 3 toners per year currently, I buy remanufactured units, they seem fine.

    There are probably cheaper printers that have similar toner costs now, I had previuos experience (all good) from HP printers which convinced me to go this way, and I do not regret it.

    I think its important to pick a model that is commonly used as it should ensure that consumables and service is available.

    I have been caught with an expensive Canon inkjet which was unsupported (drivers) beyond windows 3.1, and useless. HP laser has gone from windows 95, to windows 98, to windows ME, to windows XP operating environment without problem, drivers have been updated.

    Hope that helps

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    mum in learning

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    Thanks for your reply.
    Will start looking.

    Have a good night.

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    I agree that the HP laser is quite economic to operate, but be aware that HP's support for older devices (if you are tempted to buy second hand), for WIN XP is extremely poor. Have a look at the forums on There are a lot of HP owners who swear they won't buy HP again, because of the poor driver support.

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