Dear Peter.
I am new to computing, my computer is 2mths old and came with Windows 98 installed.
I downloaded a copy of Netscape to compliment the installed copy of Explorer.
I have downloaded from the internet, to a floppy disk, several text and photo items.The photos are in JPEG format and are restored by clicking on the photo icon then Open -no problem, until now!
A few days ago I decided to download the latest version of Netescape Navigator 4.06 and Netscape Communicator 4.06.Upon downloading I saw a similarity between the two, rechecked Netscape and decided I only needed Communicator. To tidy things up I decided to remove the old Netscapr,the new Netscape Navigator and a program called Web Ferret I had been using.
Noe I find I cannot restore the downloaded photos, as a message pops up on the screen ' Windows cannot find 'Netscape.exe'. This program is needed for opening files of the type 'JPEG Image'.
Ok I thought, just download using Explorer, but still I get the same 'Netscape' message popping up!
Next I tried re-installing Netscape Navigator and re-downloading Netscape Communicator, incase something got lost in the dowload- still the same result!
In desperation I removed completely Netscape Navigator and Communicator so now I only have Explorer on my computer. So with a completely clean floppy disk I downloaded a photo in Explorer, I still get this 'Netscape' message popping up!
I am now unable to recover any downloaded JPEG file or the files I have saved on my floppy disks.
I would be most gratefull if you could suggest a way out of this.
Thank you.

Mervyn Lattimore.

DELL XPS R350, 64M Ram. 100Mhz bus