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    I run Win 98 SE and Works Suite 2000. I can run Word 2000 via the task launcher but not from a short cut! This is a recent problem as I used to be able to. Whats the problem?

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    Heather P

    Default Re: WORD SHORT CUTS

    Right click your shortcut, click on properties and check the target. It should point to something similar to the following:

    "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office\Winword.exe"

    This assumes it was installed into the default directory. If it was installed somewhere different the path to the winword.exe file will be different

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    Default Re: WORD SHORT CUTS

    Thanks Heather P. checked as suggested and yes I get exactly what you suggested, word for word ( no pun intended!).
    What next????????

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    Heather P

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    The next question is... is it pointing to the right place. As in, is the winword.exe file where the target shows it is?

    Click the "Find Target" button to check the file is where target says it is


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    Default Re: WORD SHORT CUTS

    Hi Heather P, Yes it is exactly where you said it would be!!
    Any other suggestions??
    Thanks in anticipation

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    Heather P

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    If the file is in the place that the target points to... it should work.

    However to test if something has scrambled itself (computers do that just to annoy) I'd suggest creating a new shortcut.

    Right click the desktop, click New, then Shortcut, then follow the instructions. The file you are looking for is winword.exe

    Create it, test it, see if it works, then delete the old shortcut.

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    Default Re: WORD SHORT CUTS

    Hi Heather P, Tried deleting all Word shortcuts and replacing, alas still problem resists. For your info: it has been suggested I have too much running in the background. Went to START>RUN typed in msconfig: then Startup tab and unchecked some items. Touch wood, so far so good, even the new word 2000 short cut works thus far!!
    Thanks for your suggestions

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