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    I'm using XP Pro on a Dell C800. It's native res is 1400 x 1050 - any lower resoultion doesnt fill the screen, for example half of that res, 700 x 525, would just fill half the screen. But that's not the problem.

    When I'm trying to play a game, it plays in proportion to the computer's resolution. counter-strike has an in-game option which lets me make it bigger but it still doesn't fill the screen. games like starcraft dont have that option and just run in a tiny window.

    i've been told that it's an xp thing, but i'd rather try and find a solution if possible than abandon my shiny new OS.

    any help much appreciated

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    My Toshiba Laptop screen is also fixed resolution, its not as OS issue but a hardware one. Laptop was same on ME as XP

    My desktop uses an LCD monitor, which can scale downwards, 1024*768 native. If you scale down the resolution is shocking and it warns you.

    Really more of an issue of technology I believe, also persistence lag of LCD means its not suited to games.

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    That,s a notebook thing not an XP thing!
    If you want to play games get a pc

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