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    Default Testing new F1 (3rd try)

    So far it deletes everything when I try preview.
    This time I will click on Post & see what happens

    exLL ?:|

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    Default Re: Testing new F1 (3rd try)

    I see that my 3rd try went throught OK.

    I don't want to start a new thread so will comment further here:

    Congratulations to all who made this new site happen.

    You did a mighty job, and what a smooth changeover too.

    Your good work will be of continuing benefit to all who visit this site in the future.

    Sorry couldn't help, my knowledge is far too limited.

    Thanks to all once again.

    Previously LL

    Now exLL

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    Default Re: Testing new F1 (3rd try)

    Just testing. Still can't preview, comes up as Null.
    (Also have just changed "posted from" to NIL
    See what happens).

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    Billy T

    Default Re: Testing new F1 (3rd try)

    Don't give up if you get the null, it is a known bug that didn't turn up until after the beta testing phase was over and the site went live (sods law)!

    Try using your browser back button to take you back to your previous page and your post should be there intact. It will usually send ok from there, at least it did for me.


    Billy 8-{)

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    Susan B

    Default Re: Testing new F1 (3rd try)

    Just having a little test myself.

    I clicked on preview and it worked for me. Wonder why others are having trouble? I reckon it's their settings....

    Well, I've previewed this and re-edited it twice now and it hasn't tripped over.

    Oh, welcome to the new forum exLL, glad you made it! :-)

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    Percy Porter

    Default Re: Testing new F1 (3rd try)

    Perhaps I'm to late and you have got everything fixed, but so far I have had no problems at all. Got straight in through the short cut on my home page. Having trouble finding my way around but once I get used to it then I don't think I'll have any probs. Like the nice clean layout though. Those involved have done a massive job, is was worth the wait.

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    Peter H

    Default Re: Testing new F1 (3rd try)

    Better have a go as well, before I need to get serious. Good effort all. Bye Peter
    ps Preview works fine

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    Graham Petrie

    Default Re: Testing new F1 (3rd try)

    The preview/null prob is intermittent. Not doing it now, but was a post or so ago. Who knows?

    G P

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    Default Re: Testing new F1 (3rd try)

    Thanks for all the replies everyone.

    I just posted a reply to another post and everything worked perfectly, including the preview and the spell checker.

    I love the new Press F1



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    Susan B

    Default Re: Testing new F1 (3rd try)

    > I love the new Press F1

    Me too. Did you know they were considering calling it "Susan's Lounge"?

    I wonder why?

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