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    Default Odd graphics with Midtown Madness

    I have just got a new computer with windows xp and a Geforce 2 MX 400 and i installed Midtown Madness 1. The graphics are all distorted and weird.
    Can someone help me here?
    Could you please tell me what the latest drivers for my graphics card are and where i can download them if you think that will help.

    Any other suggestions are welcome!

    Thanks in advance

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    Default Re: Odd graphics with Midtown Madness

    You can get the latest video drivers from they should be 29.42 at least. Also this from GTA3

    Windows XP + nVIDIA based cards (possibly other brands):
    We have found a possible problem with Windows XP that manifests itself
    as graphical problems both in the game menu and also during game play.
    We have traced this problem to be a Windows XP problem.

    Technically this problem is solved by the use of a newer version of
    d3d8.dll than is shipped on CD with Windows XP. (The version on the
    Windows XP CD that has problems is 5.1.26000.0 – versions tested
    without error include 5.1.2600.15 and 5.1.2600.29)

    Currently the only way we know to update this dll file is to install
    the Windows XP Patch: “The Computer Cannot Enter Standby or Hibernate

    If a Direct3D-Based Screen Saver Is Running (Q306676)” downloadable
    from the following Web Site:

    This update may in the future be available as part of an official
    Windows XP Service Pack, a Windows XP Compatibility Update, or possibly a DirectX 8.1 update.

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