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    Tom B

    Default The new Press F1

    Like the look, Like the format. Congratulations.

    Pity the spell checker doesn't seem to work.

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    Default Re: The new Press F1

    Welcome Tom
    Bit quiet at the moment, DNS servers haven't all caught up with address change yet it seems.

    Spell checker was working (I was a Beta tester for last week or two) and certainly tried it at kick-off, it was OK.

    Just checked it on this and it worked fine.

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    Default Re: The new Press F1

    mein gott!
    Never tried the spell check before but seemed to work now.

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    Default Re: The new Press F1

    Just adding my 2c worth, I also like the look, and layout, and it seems to load quicker. Well done.

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    Default Re: The new Press F1

    Welcome to the new Press F1 supergran.

    Long time no hear. Hope to see a lot more of you now that the new forum is running.

    Pretty neat ah?


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    Graham L

    Default Re: The new Press F1

    Does not! It rejected "PressF1" yesterday. Just now, it gave a PressF1 errpr; and the Error Summary (which I can't post --- sorry Bruce) complains at length about a

    java.lang.NullPointerException at java.langStringbuffer(
    at com.wintertree, at com.jivesoftware, at org.apache.jsp.spell$jsp, at org.apache.jasper, at javax.servlet.http, lots at org.apache.catalina, and last line "at".

    Yesterday, it did not even give me the Error Summary.

    I don't know if it accepts "PressF1" today.

    Anyway my spelling is perfexxxct. And me grammer is beeootiful. So hoo needs Spell Checkers? Except wizards.

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    Hun Hunter Biggles's Avatar
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    Default Re: The new Press F1

    Graham - w estill have to go through and add a bunch of words to the dictionary - we wanted to get this out live since the old one was choking.

    If you get errors like that, can you please make a new post with something like "PressF1 Error" in the title so we can spot em and check em out.

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    Linda H

    Default Re: The new Press F1

    And the best thing is: no multiple posts - yay :-)

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