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    Can any one help?
    My son has just purchased this game and we are very dissappointed with the graphics. I have a 1 gig cpu, 256 ram. nvidia geforce 32mb video card. With all the graphic features turned down, i.e. texture detail, sky etc
    All the vehicles have no wheels and lights are missing etc etc. My computer spec. should have no problems with this game but it just doesn't run properly,, like the graphics is struggling to keep up. Any assistance would be much appreciated.
    kind regards Graham

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    Hi Graham

    We have that game, and the graphics are pretty good (although the detail isn't 'photographic qaulity)

    When you installed the game, how did you install it? - minimal or complete... I would uninstall and reinstall, otherwise take it back to the retailer. It may be faulty

    Regards, ALAN

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    Have a look at these articles:

    Midtown Madness 2 Update fixes launching issues with Windows XP
    and graphics related with the Intel 810 and Geforce families of graphics chips


    Midtown Madness. 2

    Tweak3D Info on MM2

    Cheers, Babe.

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    Default Re MTM2 PATCH

    Thankyou Babe Ruth. The 2MB patch from
    worked brilliantly.

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