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    Default midtown madness 2

    Can any one help?
    My son has just purchased this game and we are very dissappointed with the graphics. I have a 1 gig cpu, 256 ram. nvidia geforce 32mb video card. With all the graphic features turned down, i.e. texture detail, sky etc
    All the vehicles have no wheels and lights are missing etc etc. My computer spec. should have no problems with this game but it just doesn't run properly,, like the graphics is struggling to keep up. Any assistance would be much appreciated.
    kind regards Graham

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    I have a copy of the same game, and I am starting to have gaphics problems as well......... I have uninstalled it, and will reinstallit again to see if it makes any difference.

    Maybe the game is made to self destruct after a certain amount of time LOL

    If I can't get mine to go properly by the weekend, I am going to take it back

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    Rod J

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    I've only tried the demo of this game which works perfectly on my hardware without having to reduce settings (Celeron 500, 128Mb ram, Nvidia TNT2). I tried the same demo on a friends computer (Celeron 600, 256Mb ram, GeForce 2 (I think)) and it was like you described. The game stuttered and the graphics were all wrong, the sky was just blocks with funny lines. Not to put too fine a point on it, it ran like a dog! Don't know what the problem was ... try looking at the Microsoft site for the game. Maybe they are aware of the problem and might have posted a patch for it?

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    Default Re: midtown madness 2

    There is an update available on the microsoft site for this game, have you applied it yet? Might be worth a go.

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