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    Default New Video card or New PC?

    Hi all,

    I recently purchased 'Operation Flashpoint' hoping it would work on my slightly aging machine. As you might, guess, it isn't running too well with a rather low frame rate and slow performance during the heat of battle.

    At the moment I'm running an AMD K6-2 500mhz processor, 384Mb RAM and a Diamond Stealth 3 graphics card. I realise the chip and GFX card are both getting on in years, but my question is this: Will a new, fast graphics card solve this problem with the game? Or is it time for a completely new system?

    Thanks for the help,
    Kenyon Manderson

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    Default Re: New Video card or New PC?

    the problem with the k6-2 is the poor floating point calulation. if you want good gameing you will need to upgrade motherboard and cpu(mayby ram as well) or get a new pc.

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    I play OpFlash a lot at lans at home and the thing it really needs is lots of processing power (at least 900mhz), ram (at least 256mb) and a decent (at least Geforce 1 card) videocard to get the best from it.

    The K6 just does not have the grunt in my opinion to do the game justice.

    Personally I would be looking at either a P4 1ghz or over or an AMD over 1ghz with 370mb ram at least and say a GF3ti or GF2ti videocard.

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    If 500Mhz and 384MB aren't up top your standard, then a new PC is definately on the cards. If you're someone who buys 384MB when you buy a 500mhz CPU, you're porbably looking at an XP2000-2200+, 512MB (or 1GB), and a Geforce4...

    That'd put your framerate at over 100fps... You're probably getting something around 25fps at 1024x768 with 32 bit colour at present.

    If you'd like a higher framerate you could always drop the res and colour depth, but this leads to a crappy looking picture.

    If you're upgrading to play Operation Flashpoint, I'd put your minimum specs at around an XP 1700+, GF2 MX 400, 256MB 7200rpm HDD (that's as important as the CPU these days...).

    Hope that helps,


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    Get a new PC a Duron 1 gigahetz one with a Gforce 256 minimum with 32 meg DDR ram your gaming is affected by your weakess link you need a total upgrade for modern games buy 2nd hand if you can,should cost you around $800 for a reasonable system minus monitor.

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