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    Default Me = SSDPSRV.EXE = ?

    Windows ME SSDPSRV.EXE wants to connect to the internet , asccording to ZoneAlarm .
    A search shows 3 .exe files in C\Windows\

    Please, becuase Windows Help has nothing about these , can someone please explain just what SDPSRV.EXE is all about ?

    (a short version AND a long/detailed version , the more detailed the better)

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    Default Re: Me = SSDPSRV.EXE = ?

    Hi..... go to Google and type: SDPSRV.EXE It will fully answer your question

    Dont forget to click the 'Translate This Page' unless you can speak Spanish

    Regards ALAN

    P/S: If ever in doubt about something, ALWAYS check Google

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    Default Re: Me = SSDPSRV.EXE = ?

    WinME. For future Plug and Play devices only. Provides Simple Service Discovery Protocol (SSDP) and General Event Notification Architecture (GENA) services for Universal Plug and Play functionality. You can uninstall it by going to Add/Remove programs in Control Panel -> Windows Setup -> Communications. Starts up a web server on port 5000. This can also be disabled by ....Start....Run.....Type ok on startup tab and then untick reboot ur puter. hope it works 4 u Have a look at this site.

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    Default Re: Me = SSDPSRV.EXE = ?

    BEE YOu Dee, thanks Mates


    Alan = thanks for the timely reminder about Google , for instance - I hadn't thought of typing in a search in quite such specific way for something like this .

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