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    Default Jetstart (jetstream 5000 starter.....)

    Im on a jetstart wiyth xtra and was using DUMeter, and when i looked at the xtra site, i noticed that it was supposedly only counting international sites.
    But my DUMeter counts ALL sites, international AND and it appears to me that xtra seems to be adding a few extra 1-20 mb each day :S

    is that why they are called XTRA?

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    Default Re: Jetstart (jetstream 5000 starter.....)

    But...I believe many ISPs (NZ based) use overseas hosting. I worked for a company that had a web page with a well known NZ ISP, but the server where everything was stored was in Nappa Valley, California...

    I have e-mailed Xtra with the quetion 'how can a user tell if the site is international?'

    No response yet

    As someone commented recently a 64k international circuit costs about $300/month so 24/7 downloaders are freeloading anyway?

    PS I use about 1 Gig per month, so its not a problem

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