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    Default control panel icons and my pic.s folder

    Hi PCworld,recently I installed Adobe photoshop and every time I looked at a pic it would open in photoshop which was a real pain so how do I get it to NOT be the default image veiwer, so I can view my pics without having to wait for adobe to load up every time?
    And also since uninstalling photshop now my control panel icons and MY PICTURES are not being displayed properly.Instead of the icon it like the thing you see before the icon loads up,like when you start your PC sometimes and the desktop icons are getting loaded up. I hope you understand and thank you in advance.

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    Default Re: control panel icons and my pic.s folder

    This is easy.

    to change the program you want associated with images do the following

    In windows exporer or My computer. Go to:

    View; Folder Options...;

    File Types;

    Scroll down until you find the file you want to change these will be JPG, JPEG, and GIF and any other image file extentions you may use.

    select each one individually;

    click Edit;
    in actions select open then click Edit;

    Select browse; then search your harddrive for the program you want to use.

    Alternatively try this easier approch.

    single click one of the files you want to open. then press and hold SHIFT, then right click the image and select Open With;

    Then scroll down until you find the program you want to open them with. select it and then tick the
    Always use this program to open this type of file.

    Then click OK

    you will need to do this for jpg, jpeg and gif files individually

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    Default Re: control panel icons and my pic.s folder

    You should have been able to control which graphics files are associated with PhotoShop in its Options settings.

    However, since it appears that you no longer have PhotoShop on your PC you can go to Windows Explorer, find a graphics file/picture that you want associated with another program, hold down shift and right-click on its icon.

    From the menu that pops up, choose Open With then scroll down the list to a program that you want that picture to open with. For example jpg and gif files can be opened in Internet Explorer.

    Make sure the 'Always use this program' is ticked before clicking OK.

    Do this with all the file types you wish to disassociate with PhotoShop.

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    Default Re: control panel icons and my pic.s folder

    Yes it sure was easy once I knew what to do. Sometimes I am a bit reluctant to do certain things on my PC unless I am absolutely sure what they do, due to previous bad experiences. So thank you to all who replied to my post and the speed of your responses was excellent. My faith is now restored back in windowsME, as I have tried XP and it was a flop.

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